Claiborne County Tennessee has enacted minimal subdivision regulations to help manage growth within the County.  This website publishes those regulations; provides information on other information affecting property use and development in the county; and documents previous subdivision approvals and public discussion of subdivision regulations as a service to the public.  The Claiborne Planning Commission normally meets on the first Tuesday of each month to conduct business.  The Planning Commission meets in the Chamber of Commerce Conference Room in the building next door to the county courthouse on Main Street in Tazewell.  This is an open public meeting.  If you need to present a plat before the Commission, the appropriate number of copies must be submitted to the Secretary or Staff Planner  ten days prior to the scheduled meeting date.  The developer or property owner must be in attendance to present their plat and answer questions from the Commission.  The Planning Commission will not normally meet out of respect to taxpayers if there is no qualified business on the agenda.  Taxpayers should not pay public servants to attend meetings if there is nothing to be accomplished.

As of  2019 the Leadership of the Claiborne Planning Commission consists of:

  • Chairman    Jerry Brooks
  • Vice-Chair   Gary Estes
  • Secretary    Roger Poore

County Commissioners serving of the Planning Commission include Whitt Shuford and Stacey Crawford.

Dan Hawk is the Staff Planner for the Claiborne County Planning Commission.  He is available at (865) 414-1479  or email   danruthhawk@gmail.com  for questions, and/or to have items added to the agenda.  Claiborne County requires appropriately Category 1 Survey Plats .  Electronic submission of plats is not allowed because the Planning Commission does not have the capability to print full-size plats.

Contact the County Mayor’s Office (423-626-5236) for current Commissioner telephone numbers.


These regulations were current at the time of posting. Please contact your local or county government for updates.


Government should be transparent, participatory and collaborative. We uphold the value of openness in our engagement with citizens to improve services, manage public resources, promote innovation, and create safer communities. We embrace principles of transparency and open government with a view toward achieving greater prosperity, well-being, and preserving constitutional rights in our own community. We acknowledge the importance of individual rights and property rights and believe that rules related to property rights should applied equally to all citizens while preserving necessary community safety and services.

NOTE:  This website is not intended to be an interactive website.  This site is an accessible record of  Claiborne County Planning Commission Activities.  Claiborne County does not have an information / technology office and does not host this website.